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Mediation is a dispute resolution process.  It involves a third party neutral, the mediator, who facilitates the negotiations of two or more parties in dispute to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediation helps people speak for themselves.  The mediator helps the parties identify issues and options, assists the parties in exploring the needs underlying their respective positions and records points of agreement reached by the parties. The end result is a voluntary and contractual agreement.

Facilitation is an assisted group discussion.  It involves a neutral, the facilitator, who helps members of a group define and meet their goals, exchange ideas and information, solve a problem or hold an effective meeting. 

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process for helping people gain increased awareness and competencies in dealing with conflict.  Assessment tools are used to understand current conflict management styles.  Through recognizing and improving their techniques, clients are able to engage more effectively in their interpersonal conflicts.

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