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Sally Drucker is a qualified mediator, facilitator and conflict coach,  providing conflict resolution services for individuals, families and small businesses.  Sally is committed to providing her clients with the opportunity to learn how to better manage their conflict, reduce the costs of dispute resolution, preserve and strengthen important relationships, and reach lasting solutions in a timely and confidential manner.

Services provided include (but are not limited to):
Adult Family Decisions
Family disputes
Dissolution of  domestic partnerships
Workplace disagreements
Group facilitation
   Conflict coaching
   Pre and Post Mediation coaching


          -  hear and discuss one another's side of the story
          -  move beyond surface issues and address underlying issues
          -  maintain privacy and confidentiality
          -  participate and make informed decisions
          -  create realistic and mutually beneficial solutions
          -  design your own agreements
          -  focus on the future
          -  maintain and strengthen ongoing relationships

           -  caregiving
           -  living arrangements
           -  healthcare preferences
           -  resident/staff conflicts
           -  guardianship

           - estate planning process
           - probate

          -  prenuptial agreements
           -  dissolution of marriage
           -  custody

         Family office/business/partnership

To learn about the mediation process, click here.

Pre-mediation consulting/preparation

          -  gather the information necessary to make decisions
          -  understand your communication strengths/weaknesses
          -  maximize your self-determination

Conflict coaching

          -  develop an understanding of conflict
          -  explore conflict styles
          -  learn new communication skills
          -  acquire skills for early prevention, management and early resolution of

To learn about the conflict coaching process, click here.


          -   promote an understanding of common objectives
          -   assist groups in achieving consensus
          -   enable collaboration and synergy
         -   encourage full participation
          -   cultivate shared responsibility
         -   build sustainable agreements

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Evening and weekend appointments are available.
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