Drucker Mediation Services, LLC - Helping Clients Create Lasting Solutions
Why Drucker Mediation Services?

The goal of my practice is to help people understand how they deal with conflict, learn tools to constructively resolve disputes and empower them to take control of their conflict rather than be a victim of it. The very nature of the mediation process encourages parties in conflict to embrace a positive, creative and  win-win style of negotiation.  It allows for thoughtful consideration of everyone's  needs and interests.   I work with all parties to assure that each has a voice and that underlying issues, which often are at the root of a conflict, are brought to light.  I do not impose decisions on disputing parties, but rather encourage them to find common ground and resolve their dispute on their own terms.  I encourage creative problem-solving and believe that only the parties involved know best what resolution will be acceptable to them.  By assisting my clients to communicate and craft their own agreement, I hope to have empowered them to move on in their lives knowing they can manage conflicts as they arise in a rational, respectful and  constructive manner.

 Turn Conflict into Collaboration

We all have conflict in our lives.  It is how we deal with it that determines what the outcome will look like.  I will help you approach your conflict in a rational, informed and collaborative manner.

Promote Mutual Respect & Dignity 

I conduct mediation sessions with the intent to encourage and foster respect and dignity of all participants.   By focusing on positive aspects of relationships I assist you in achieving fair, practical and reasonable agreements.

Strive For Win-Win Resolutions

The fact is that many disagreements revolve around misunderstandings.  I focus on opening lines of communication and understanding which, in turn, leads to mutually agreeable solutions.

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