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Why Mediation?

    Increased Privacy– your mediation is confidential; statements
       made during mediation are protected from public disclosure

    Self-determination -  you make the decisions rather
      than have an opinion imposed upon you by the courts

     Cost-effective - prolonged legal maneuvering 
      costs you time and money; retainers to lawyers, costs of expert
      witnesses and time result in high costs; parties in mediation
      can avoid long legal maneuvering

    Efficient - litigated disputes can take months...and
     sometimes years.  Mediated sessions can be
     scheduled at the convenience of the parties, not
    dependent on finding available time on a crowded
    court calendar.

     Promotes Mutual Respect & Dignity- mediation sessions
    are conducted with the intent to encourage and foster respect
    & dignity of all participants. Focus is on positive aspects of
    relationships to achieve a fair, practical, and reasonable

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