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Mediation is a dispute resolution process.  It involves a third party neutral, the mediator, who facilitates the conversation between two or more parties in dispute to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution.   The mediator assists the parties in exploring the needs underlying their respective positions, identifying and prioritizing issues to discuss and  creating viable options for consideration in reaching decisions. All areas of agreement are recorded in a Memorandum of Understanding.  The end result is a voluntary and contractual agreement.  Mediation should be considered before litigation for several critical reasons:

  • it is a voluntary process in which all parties come with the intention of working on resolution in good faith
  •  we move beyond surface issues and address underlying needs and interests, values and future expectations
  •  the mediator maintains privacy and confidentiality
  •  you make informed decisions, none are imposed upon you
  •  you create realistic and mutually beneficial solutions
  •  you can maintain and strengthen ongoing relationships when this is important to you
  • the mediation process fosters mutual respect and dignity
  • mediation provides a safe place for you to speak for yourself
  • mediation is typically more cost-effective and less time consuming than litigation


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