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Why Drucker Mediation Services?

 “[The] mediator was outstanding; extremely neutral and knowledgeable” -  Jyothi M.

Sally Drucker is committed to helping you constructively resolve disputes.  She works with all parties to assure that each has a voice and that underlying issues, which often are at the root of a conflict, are brought to light.  Sally does not impose decisions on disputing parties, but rather encourages them to find common ground and resolve their dispute on their own terms.  She encourages creative problem-solving and believes that the parties involved know best what resolution will be acceptable to them.

Sally will create a discussion and decision making process that works for her clients.  Every mediation and facilitation requires a construction of the process that will work best for the parties and the specific situation.  Sally utilizes her skills and creativity to assure that the meetings are productive, time efficient and convenient for the clients.    

Adult Family and Estate Mediation
Working with families to resolve the many issues relating to decisions about care of our loved ones and plans for the future disposition of an estate requires a sensitivity to the emotional aspects of the situation, as well as the financial complexities.  Sally Drucker's background in finance contributes to her understanding of family and business financial matters.  She recognizes that many disputes are financial in nature and works with her clients to assure that they are well informed before making decisions.  In addition,  Sally facilitates communication during mediation respecting and acknowledging the emotions of each party and the family dynamics that inevitably are present.

"Ms. Drucker did an outstanding job at allowing the [parties] to be
heard in a very difficult situation." - Justin S.

"Thank you so much Sally, your mediation helped us greatly.  Without the mediation, I’m not sure where we would be today. - Tina M.

Divorce Mediation

Sally understands the complexities of parenting plans and finances associated with a dissolution of a partnership.  She works to assure that her clients create options that specifically address their individual circumstances and the best interests of the children. She strongly believes that mediation is a more dignified, effective and efficient process for resolving the many issues related to divorce. 

"It was a pleasure to work with Sally. She's detail-oriented, well organized, responsive, and a true professional. I would absolutely recommend her services as a mediator." - Brad R.

"I wanted to thank you again for your kindness, your wisdom, your patience and your professional guidance…. I will be forever grateful that you helped us navigate our way through a gentle and gracious ending, to a bright new beginning for each and both of us." - Jackie Q.


Sally has personal experience with family offices and community program development. Over several years, Sally facilitated communication between students, parents, athletic coaches, school administrators and governmental agencies to establish a rowing program at a local high school.  This facilitation between multiple parties requires evaluating the needs and interests of all concerned,  highlighting common interests, and motivating the parties to create a lasting program serving the whole community. She brings this experience to her facilitation practice. 

"Sally is a wonderful conflict coach, facilitator and mediator. I have called on Sally's skills on several different occasions and would highly recommend her to any organization looking to resolve internal conflict or to any parties seeking a neutral facilitator to assist them with resolving interpersonal difficulties or legal disputes." - Sandra D. Crawford, JD, Mediator, Collaborative Law Professional

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